Polishing & Plating

Jewellery Polishing & Refinishing

Maintain that beautiful shine in your jewellery with an array of polishing and refinishing options. Our jewellers are able to work out scratches and scuffs to have your items looking as good as new with:

Polished Finish Gold Ring Refinishing

Polished Finishing

Brushed Finish Gold Ring Refinishing

Brushed Finishing

Matte Finish Gold Ring Refinishing

Matte Finishing

Rhodium Plating

White gold gets its signature finish from a layer of rhodium, a precious metal from the platinum family. This rhodium layer can slowly diminish over time when exposed to the elements, soaps, perfumes and general wear.

Bring your jewellery to our workshop and let our skilled jewellers restore the sparkle in your white gold jewellery.


How Often Should White Gold Be Rhodium Plated?

It is recommended that frequently worn white gold jewellery is re-rhodium plated every 18 to 24 months.


Can I Rhodium Plate Yellow Gold?

Yes! Yellow gold can most certainly be rhodium plated to give it the appearance of white gold. Due to the vibrant colour of yellow gold, it will need to be re-plated more frequently to avoid the base metal becoming visible.