Ring Resizing

Over time, the need may arise to have your ring resized due to a variety of factors that can affect finger size and comfort.

Get your ring resized quickly and professionally at Anthonys Manufacturing Jewellers, whether it be a simple gold wedding band or an intricately designed gemstone-encrusted ring. After a quick consultation and finger measurement, the team at Anthonys will have your ring well on its way to the perfect fit.

Visit the workshop for:

  • 18ct gold ring resizing
  • Platinum ring resizing
  • Sterling silver ring resizing
  • Other carat weight gold resizing

Enquire for other precious metals.

How Long Does A Ring Take To Be Resized?

Anthony's currently don't offer same-day ring resizing due to our current heavy workload, contact the team to discuss your requirement and to calculate a turnaround time for your specific job and to book your resize today.

Depending on the complexity of the ring design and degree of change, we endeavour to have rings resized within a week to a week and a half of being brought in to our workshop.


How Is A Ring Resized?

If your ring needs to be made smaller, material is removed from the base of the ring. When making a ring larger, a split is made at the bottom of the ring and filled in with gold, silver or platinum, depending on the ring's original construction.

Once the correct ring size has been achieved, the base of the ring is moulded and smoothed to be as beautiful and lustrous as the day it was first made. 


*Same day ring resizing is dependent on current workload of the team and complexity of the design.